Centrally coordinated PR campaigns across Europe

Zone PR is different. We are not focused on one market. Instead we specialise in centrally coordinated campaigns for clients wanting high quality, cost-effective PR in multiple European markets.

We think that makes us special. Why? Most agencies are home grown. Whether British, French, German or Danish, agencies are born in one market and that is where their true expertise is. Few have genuine international experience. Even fewer can apply one budget across Europe without favouring the home nation that the co-ordinating agency happens to be based in.

At Zone PR we are impartial and look at Europe as a whole. We coordinate our teams in English but campaigns are always in the local language. We are running client activities in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK but we can quickly and simply add additional markets. We share learning between those markets and always think of ourselves as Europeans first. That gives us a perspective our clients rate. If you'd like to find out how this works in practice, please contact us.